“I will be the envy of all of Manhattan.” Meryl Streep

“Oh Martine,  you’ve out done yourself this year.” Lily Tomlin

“It’s Brilliant!” Tracey Ullman




Thanks so much for my AMAZING bag, it’s truly a piece of art that sits up next to me at all times when wearing. The overwhelming compliments about the look & then I show the inside with the strong colorful material, it’s a WOW factor!! I’ve been asked, “what is that?  The smiles of amazement on some faces when I tell them it’s my favorite fun protective purse, awesome! If I had a daughter, I would be sure she was equipped with a Martine bag! Designed with hard impressive metal, definitely could be used as a weapon LOL!!! Thanks again, your talents are exceeding & I LOVE ALL your bags!!!             Maria Steelman

Martine’s design style is ahead of its time and crazy cool. Her designs are futuristic and have maintained that edge for the past 20 years. The bags are literally wearable art! Whenever I carry one of Martine handbags women and men stop me to admire and ask questions.  These bags are handcrafted by the designer with exquisite attention to detail. They are flirty, fun and unique. What a brilliant concept to birth an industrial style handbag!  Start your collection today!              Julia Ogden

I truly love my Martine Cronin purse. It’s not just a purse, it’s a piece of art! It is unique and a one of a kind. Be aware you can’t have only one.  Once you get your first you will want another! Whenever I wear it someone always compliments me and asks how they can get one. I finally started carrying Martine’s business cards in my purse. I can’t say enough about the uniqueness of each purse. So looking forward to my next one!  Patty Zimmer

Martine’s handbags are a piece of art! Colorful with texture and uniqueness. Each style will connect with the future buyer, this piece of art will call to you as mine did! I love my Stallion purse. It’s a head turner…endless compliments.                       Deborah Gyarmathy 

UNIQUE SILVER ELEGANCE. I purchased a uniquely beautiful silver handbag that is adored with silver flowers and red silk lining reminiscent of the orient many months ago. I have taken the handbag to some evening galas where I received numerous compliments and asked where they could find such a lovely accessory. I told them it was designed by the very creative and talented Martine Cronin. I can assure you if anyone choses to purchase one of Martine’s wonderfully unique, one of a kind creations you will not be disappointed.  Nancy McGovern RN, LRM, MSM